Oleg Pelmeni Bar
The first Russian mono-concept restaurant with a modern twist in Amsterdam.
Bushe, a noteworthy coffeehouse chain from St. Petersburg, had a dream of sharing the beauty of Russian food culture with the world. They set their sights on the European market and chose Amsterdam as their first destination.

And so, the magnificent Oleg Pelmeni Bar was born - a mono-concept restaurant showcasing the best of Russian cuisine and how it fits into the global culinary scene.

As a freelancer, I joined the team for four months to help create a go-to-market strategy. With a small team, I had to wear many hats, from sourcing suppliers to building partnerships, looking for staff, and optimizing the supply chain.

Our hard work paid off, and the project was a huge success! Within the first three days of opening, we had already covered the operating expenses for the entire first month. And the positive reviews from customers on Google poured in!

Unfortunately, after 2.5 years of operation, the restaurant had to close its doors. But the experience was unforgettable, and I'll always cherish the memories of bringing a little piece of Russia to Amsterdam.
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