Oh My Raw Balls
Guilt-free, allergy-friendly retail and takeaway store in the heart of Amsterdam.
Oh My Raw Balls was the creation of a Swedish solo entrepreneur who knew firsthand the struggles of having food allergies. When you can't eat almost anything, life can feel dull and joyless. That's why she created a store that offered a paradise experience to a niche but promisingly large target group.

With the perfect physical location, it seemed like a recipe for success. But despite its potential, Oh My Raw Balls struggled to communicate the right message to its audience, which ultimately harmed the store's revenue.

That's where I came in! Working with the owner, we crafted a clear positioning and messaging strategy that highlighted her story and products. We also collaborated on a plan to identify new business opportunities and expand their reach beyond the physical store.

By the time our collaboration ended in 2019, the cafe's profits had increased by a whopping 20%! Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the permanent closure of Oh My Raw Balls' physical store. But fear not - the cafe continues to delight customers through B2B resellers around Amsterdam, including yoga studios, health centers, hotels, bakeries, and more.
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