EDIA Bootcamp

Product Development Workshop

EDIA started their transition from project-based service provider to a product-based and SAAS company in 2018. As a Product Owner, I felt that it would be good to have all teams and departments to be on the same page and contribute to product development. January was a perfect month for this initiative. Together with my colleague, Bruna Carlos, we organised the bootcamp for the whole company for one day. The workshop was a great success, we received positive feedback from all the participants and lessons that we learned during and after the event.

The main objectives of this workshop were to:

  • Align everybody on Edia’s vision
  • Boost cross-functional collaboration
  • Unite and involve all functions to contribute to product development

What Other People Say:

“Both as a product owner and a marketeer, Anna was able to hit the ground running. Her curiosity and “can-do” attitude combined with a structured approach and penchant for methodology truly helped motivate the team. She helped us deliver several projects and organised workshops to foster collaboration. Learning our jargon, workflow and processes allowed her to quickly become a valued member of the scrum team. In project meetings her confidence and tenacity meant that the team could rely on her and while focusing on development and testing. She’s eager to learn and is constantly looking to improve. So when the opportunity arose for a marketeer in the company, she seized it to expand her skill set. She’s a valuable addition to any team and I will readily consider her for future opportunities.”

Giwan PersuadSenior Front End Developer