Oh My Raw Balls

Market Positioning Strategy

Oh My Raw Balls is a small retail cafe created by a Swedish solo entrepreneur, who set her shop up in Amsterdam at the end of 2018.

The store tells the story of an owner who is allergic to almost everything. Therefore, inside the cafe you can buy tasty, but anti-allergic products and dishes. But the main engine of sales are the “raw balls”. Like many startups, Oh My Raw Balls struggled to get enough revenue. The main problem was the ambiguous positioning of the cafe.

I started to help Oh My Raw Balls to increase awareness about the store in Amsterdam and to have more customers that pass by her store on the street. One of the biggest achievements during this project was market research that helped the store with the right value proposition, identifying new new business opportunities and expanding their reach.

By the time we finished our collaboration, the cafe was able to increase profits by 20%. Today Oh My Raw Balls has various outlets around Amsterdam (yoga studios, health centers, hotels, bakeries, etc.). Since the fall of 2019, the owner has been engaged in catering in France, Portugal and Germany. The owner is seriously considering the possibility of increasing production space, as the demand for its products has increased

What Other People Say:

“I can’t express enough gratitude to Anna for helping with the store. Anna helped me to have clarity the value my business serves to the customer, what should be my focus as a business owner and where I should be going. It took us only 2 weeks of casual customer interviews to we learn super valuable information. I liked Anna’s approach to things – experiment fast, fail fast”

Emma-Lisa ForstorpOwner & Founder Oh My Raw Balls