Oleg Pelmeni Bar

Go to Market Strategy & Business Set Up

A notable coffeehouse chain from St. Petersburg, Bushe, wanted to enter European market by opening their first restaurant in Amsterdam. The idea was to create a place that can show the beauty of the Russian food culture, which harmoniously integrates into the riches of global cuisine. That’s how the mono concept restaurant, Oleg Pelmeni Bar was born.

I joined the team as a freelancer for 4 months and helped with creation and execution of go to market strategy.  Given the small size of the team, I was also supporting the horeca start up with various operational  requests such as sourcing suppliers, building partnerships, looking for staff, supporting and advising on supply chain optimisation. 

The restaurant is based on a ‘0 waste’ ideology, hence all the elements of the supply chain internally and externally had to correspond (or close as possible) to the sustainable requirements.

This project was a great success, as the first three days, we had the opportunity to cover the operating expenses of the first month. All tables of the restaurant are fully booked to this day.