hello, I am Anna Borbotko
Product Marketing Strategist. Leader. Speaker.
With +7 years of experience in product marketing for multinational companies and local startups (mostly in B2B tech), I've progressed from solo- product marketeer to international team manager. Whether you need to build a product marketing team from scratch or level up your existing one, I've got you covered.
What does make me your next product marketing leader?
Customer Centric
Placing the customer at the center of everything I do, I prioritize gaining a clear understanding of their motivations, pain points, and context to create value that truly resonates with your audience.
Simplicity Champion
I believe that even the most complex technology can be explained in simple, human language, making it understandable not just to your customers, but also to a grandmother.
Growth Advocate
I have a "secret sauce "on how to unite and enable marketing, product marketing, and sales teams to drive revenue through product marketing and go-to-market activities.
Featured projects
Things I do. Things I am proud of. Things I am passionate about.
Full product marketing scope and team leadership
Change management
Go-to-market strategy
Full scope product marketing, marketing and product development
Messaging & positioning
Field Sales & Marketing
What other people say:
  • +20 Events
    As a keynote & panel discussion speaker on various topics. Both online and offline.
  • +10 Workshops
    From large crowds to small groups in various locations and online.
  • 5 Lectures
    Teaching product marketing in various communities and institutions.
  • 7 Mentees
    From regular monthly sessions to one-time coaching.
I'm happy to be your next speaker....
I find it thrilling to be on stage and share my experience and knowledge with others. I am always eager to participate in a panel discussion or serve as a keynote speaker. My areas of expertise include developer marketing, positioning and messaging, sales enablement, and industry trends.

....workshop facilitator.
Product marketing is still a profession in development. I love spreading product marketing love here and there. If you or your organization require the guidance of an experienced professional, I offer various forms of mentorship, including workshops, one-on-one coaching, and group lectures. These services are available both in-person and online.
Get in touch
I'm always looking forward to new opportunities, collaborations, and interesting projects, so contact me if you got any via email or LinkedIn. I am based in the Netherlands but I'm happy to work remotely. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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